Saturday, November 5, 2016

Medical Sonnet #5

illustration by Racquel Aparicio

Into the earthy realm we come, with friction as our gate
to don ill-fitting garments that our forebears did create.
But some unlucky soles, it seems, who would have worn too thin,
Become overly hardened here for want of thicker skin.
Still others look to chemicals, as though we can escape.
Alas, there is no exit when we’re circular in shape.
And even when we do dissolve, are peeled up from our flesh,
We may decide to start again, in agony, refreshed.
Physicians in white coats advise to take in fresher air,
In padded rooms with wider berths, perhaps, while we repair.
Still, pressure from all sides can mount when trouble is afoot.
Our suffering is certain, and we can’t give it the boot.
Yes, misery is guaranteed; we run on solar pain,
and sometimes it is doubled, when we go against the grain.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Medical Sonnet #4

From blissful slepe, her brown eye blinks.
Unbidden ‘rousal of the sphinx.
She aches, and with a moan and gasp, 
secedes the peace that is her mask.
A baser need, a carnal wonder,
beck and calls in raucous thunder.
Raging tempests churn the seas
that only one prayer can appease.
A flood ensues that can’t be dammed,
as rosy cheeks kiss porcelain.
And loudly, geese descend in throngs
to punctuate the dun brown pond.
Of perfumes, there may be sweter
but of release, there is no greater.